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This question has been closed for answers. I've been searching for things that are as close to my new size as possible, but the closest I've been able to get is a 28F-FF, and it's still very hard to find. If it is bad enough to cause you back pain, shoulder pain, and blisters, I think you would be much better off ditching the bras altogether. Companies should definately start making 26 bands soon!

One of the Wacoal bras, the Wacoal Awareness Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra features a sewn-on Breast Cancer Awareness tag at the back hook-and-eye bra is perfect for post-surgery wear because it holds the breasts with a slight compression. The Wacoal Awareness Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra has comfortable padded shoulder straps that adjust in back.
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The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Comfort Nursing Bra can be used both while you are pregnant as well as a nursing bra. This bra is very soft and comfortable and will offer you support while you nurse.
The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Comfort Nursing Bra can be used both while you are pregnant as well as a nursing bra. This bra is very soft and comfortable and will offer you support while you nurse.
Better Fit. Developed from the real measurements of millions of women. ThirdLove's bras are tailored to both size and shape, and come in exclusive half-cup sizes.
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Buy HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras Bralette S-XXL with Extra Bra Extenders & Clips: Shop top fashion brands Nursing & Maternity Bras at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases.

I just came to a realization after measuring that I am I'm a 26DD so I know how frustrating it is that you can't buy anything smaller than a 28 back! I emailed Bravissimo asking them which brands tend to come up small in the back so I could try them in a 28D and they were very helpful, they recommended Miss Mandalay and the Panache Tango bras. I also asked if there was a possibility that they would start stocking 26 backs in the future and they told me that there are no plans for it at the moment but that they would certainly log my request.

At least they listened to me: I measure as 29 under my breasts and a 28DD fits great. However, at pounds, which is small, I see numerous women who are a lot tinier than me, so I don't believe that a 28 bra band is extremely tiny - I consider myself small, but not tiny.

It makes me wonder, since there are so many tinier women than myself, why I fit into the smallest band size available How does that happen if I measure 29 around? So in some styles I would want a 26 band, because I find my 28 stretches out fairly quickly. Right now I am wearing a 28 bra on the tightest hook that I've worn less than a month. I just emailed Freya about providing 26 band sizes. Everyone should email them then they can see how high the demand is.

It's interesting to me that people don't realize the need for smaller band sizes. Measuring tightly I'm right under 34 inches and loosely I'm 36 inches and 36 bands ride up horribly.

There there people like my sister who are very slim and wears XXS shirts loosely, yet tried to claim she is actually something like a size 32B. I think a lot of the problem is misinformation to the consumers who think these smaller sizes are abnormal. I too am overweight US size 18 , and basically embarrassed to tell people I wear a band! And even that is sometimes too loose I measure 33" , but I just can't bring myself to wear the smallest band size available in many stores!

I have a friend who is 3" shorter than I, petite built and underweight, who also claims she is a 34"! So if you measure 75cm And no-one fixed it since.

Aw man, I know how this goes. I'm 5'5, and at my current weight I have a My waist is People always talk about how tiny I am, so you must be super tiny if you're 5'10 and that small! I'm a little heavier right now than I usually am but at my usual weight my rib cage goes down to 24" easily! Trying to find the right size, even in specialty lingerie shops, can suck. Until I started wearing the right bra size and stopped wearing baggy shirts people always thought I was flat chested.

When I started dressing properly I was asked if I'd had work done! I'd just been flattening the girls against me and going against my curvy figure for years. The right band and bra size is so important. I don't think there are many if any women who actually have ribcages below 25 inches. I think most women have about " between their waist and ribs, but women with very defined waists due to corsetting or naturally may have a inch difference!

I usually notice that more obese women tend to have waists the same size or sometimes even bigger than their ribcage, where as very thin may have a more significant difference between the waist and ribs. At the end of the day, your ribcage can only go so small much like the pelvis but there is really no limit to how small a waist can go, especially with corsetting.

You can have an 18" waist and 28" ribcage due to corsetting, I know I've seen it. And for the record, my waist is " and my ribs are 28". Now even when I went down to a " waist, my ribs were still " and that was the smallest it would go. I'm 5'0" and 98 lbs and there is less than a 1" difference between my ribcage and my waist. I measure at a 26DD. Both are right around 26" so it isn't just overweight people who have waists the same size as their ribcage.

On a side note: My hips are freaking 34" - 36"! Just depends on my weight and when I'm at my normal of lbs, it's 36". I can't get bras OR jeans to even come close to fitting me. Of course, if you have quite a straight, narrow ribcage, you could potentially have very little difference between the two measurements and be thin like yourself.

But I think those with more tapered ribcages will tend to notice a bigger difference between waist and ribs with weight loss as the waist becomes more defined. I actually do have a severely tapered ribcage. I need about a 28" at my regular weight , but have a " waist.

That actually causes its own fit problem, because I think I need a tapered band. If it fits properly at the bottom, it's too tight at the top. If it fits properly at the top, it rides up because the bottom is too big. My measured bra size is supposed to be a 22d. I live in a small town so the smallest bra the local department store carries is a 32a. I usually get sports bras and wear the 32b or 32c bras inside the sports bra. I cut off the straps and safety pin the band into place.

It works well until I need to wear a tank top or backless shirt. I've also been known to wear swimsuit tops because they're adjustable. I also have a small ribcage, I measure about around and should be wearing a size 26 D, but instead have had to settle for 30 C when i can find them and 32 B when i cant wearing the 32 B bras is just awful but its the only "standard" size that i can at least sort of fit into.

I'll try to email some manufacturers about this, because as you said, there are a lot more people with small rib cages than they seem to think and there is definitely a market for them.

Mabye we small band sizes should create a web page on how to make your own bras and then we could all have a decent lovely fitting bra without having to wait for other companies to get around to it. Or you could try the EM bras. They aren't that much more expensive than La Saneza. I am just experiencing the frustration of this. She is only 14 and therefore still growing! Angry does not begin to explain Bravissimo gave us an honest measurement even though they didn't stock her size.

At least we now know that the chronic back pain she suffers is treatable and not a side effect of health concerns. Hello there and congratulations ,i really like your blog. I too am a pettite framed young woman ,waering the wrong bra size for years.

Currently i m buying my bras from "Bravissimo",and i find that the size 28E is ok but since i measure 26 inches under my bust i suspect my true number would be 26F?

Anyway i have found that some 28 inches band from bravissimo run tighter that others so i can hook them on the tightest hook: But i think i should definetely try a 26'' band The thing that puzzles me is that i dont think i am such an exception at all! I have seen other small framed women many times in my life and what about shorter women? I measue 26'' underbust and i m 5.

I dont know and i dont understand how this flawed measuring system developed but i m sure many-many women are wearing the wrong bra size. Anyway today i googled 26'' bands and i just found your blog It was really informative and i ll check the polish brand you mentinoned in another post and i ll def. I am a small ribcage too. I recently was fitted for the second time and found I am smaller than a 28; I actually measure 27".

I previously thought I was a 30 and considered that was smallest available, after spending years wearing and believing 32 was smallest manufactured. I tried on every 30 without padding because I dislike its unatural look and some with ultra light padding, only to find nothing was a good and proper fit. They are currently searchng for me and recommended I wear a Now I understand, knowing I measure less than 28", that is my exact size. The cup has been a C, as B is too small and, I must increase to D in a smaller band size as well.

I have been playing tennis and running distance for most of my life, so my back stays muscular and trim and I am as small as I have ever been now at 44 years old. I would love to FINALLY have a bra that fits comfortabley, is made of quality materials and craftmanship and is also pretty like all good european lingerie. As a designer, I understand this area with a great deal of expertise. I hope this helps me and others like me. I am just so confused about my bra size.

I have a 23" waist and it seems that when I measure my under bust I am 26". Every time I use on of those online bra calculators I get different answers. I wish they would just make bras for us skinny people. My bras look just like in the picture you posted. The back rides up super high and I'm constantly readjusting and fitting my boobs back into my bras.

Nothing is quite as depressing as going bra shopping. I'm sure some of you on here can relate to that. I'm a 27"H and had always been told I was a 30" - what are these bra-fitters doing?! Like another lady on here I also have a 24" waist, but I'm neither triangular nor petite, but an hourglass figure.

Thankfully a 28"H bra fits fine There are few shops I can go to, and the stuff is always online which is a massive inconvenience as they often don't fit. I've found that many places seem to sell 'big sizes' which aren't true to fit and its incredibly frustrating when you think you have finally found something good, and then it doesn't work. I'm also sick of being told I'm big chested or curvy whenever I look at online sites, and 'impossible' when I look at discussion forums including this one, person who thinks that no-one has less than a 25" waist!

I spend a lot of my time in in size 8 shirts which make me look like a wall! If you are referring to me, I said most women do not have less than a 25" ribcage, i. I am not referring to the waist measurement. I just want to be very clear that I do not mean waist size. Maybe some people are confusing the two. So if you are a 26 and decide to try a 28 to adjust, do you go up a cup size then to account for the difference in cups? No, you go down a cup size. For example, if you are technically a 26DD, you would require a 28D to keep the same volume in the cup.

I'm so glad i was able to find this website. I currently wear a 28f freya bra, and the band is too big and the cup is too small; technically i'm a ff.

So, a specialist told me that my size would be 26g. I just emailed the staff at ewa michalak on their opinion. But, what do you guys think? This is SUCH a problem for me. I'm a 26H, but there are never any stores that offer 26s at all, let alone a 26H.

Hi, I'm new to the world where bra's fit properly and after I measured myself my size was 26E UK size, 26F in European size but I can't find anywhere that sells that size!

I was thinking of ordering off of Ewa Michalak but they don't list the size on the website - how did you get yours? Are you meant to send an email to custom order? Hi I'm wondering about the little bra company. Which is a bad idea I know. What I'm wonderin is what do I do? I know I'm a 28d by actual measurements. So what should I do? I've heard their bands run small, so it's possible that a 30C would fit you fine. Also my breasts are slightly wide set so I read on here somewhere on here that if they are a little wide a 30c might be a better option.

I love the little bra company and ill be checking a store soon. I just don't know what to do cause I'm low on cash and I don't wanna buy something that doesn't fit. I know tlbc doesn't make a 28D but I love how sexy they're stuff is. What would you recommend? Curvy kate multiway plunge bra. Its new and pretty snug at 28 band. Glad I found this blog! I actually wrote to companies a while ago asking for a 28 as it was still rare to find them.

I'm still finding it difficult to find 28s actually as I don't like to buy online without trying the same brand in a store somewhere first. I've just measured myself and am actually 27" loosely measured so I assume a 26 would fit me better which might explain why my shoulders are always so painful, and I always have to pull my bra back down. I will have a look into questionnaires so we can get our voices heard! Actually, I have found companies making size 26 bands and 24 bands.

I forget who, though. They are quite expensive bras as well. Also, there are places that specialize in lingerie that will adjust bands on bras to shrink them down for those who need it. One such place is the Trousseau in Vienna, Virginia. Sometimes finding specialty stores is difficult, though. Made In Preston now stock 26" bands: They only go to a 30" but I'm a 28" and one of the 30" bands I tried was way too tight so more like a 26" if not 24" actually. Some of them are pretty true to size though so it's trial and error.

They're also available on brastop. Currently my ribcage measurement is 24" and im wearing a 28H cup. I'm a very skinny petite Asian girl living in Singapore and I have trouble finding bras with cups According to my measurements in cm I'm 55 underbust just under 22 inches , 66 bust about 26 inches so I should theoretically be a 22 D I'm 15 and still growing so previously I have always worn those kinds of racerback training bras that come in S-M-L type of sizig but I find they keep riding up nowadays and are giving me serious uniboob.

Cup sizes available here in Singapore seem to be 28 upwards and in cups A B C D we still use the old measuring system here i think and I simply can't find a bra that fits. I can only wear underwires because if not 28s just ride up all the time even if the bra is on the tightest set of hooks Companies should definately start making 26 bands soon! Hi Brittany, I recently stumbled upon your blog after realizing that, despite the fact that I am very picky about my bras and like to think that I am one of the minority of women who are wearing the right size bra, I've been wearing the wrong size.

I'm very short and also have a small ribcage I've been searching for things that are as close to my new size as possible, but the closest I've been able to get is a 28F-FF, and it's still very hard to find.

I'm persistently share the frustration and discomfort! I'm very petite, and often find 28 backs can be easily be held out possibly 5cm from my ribcage?! Even more bigger problem, it's the cup size I could get away with a slightly ill fitted bra if I wasn't at least GG in cup size and still darn growing.

I'm only 23, no kids, and a med student. I can only get bras from bravissimo, I would buy from brastop but not only do they have limited stock but also being an "odd" shape and size I'm lucky if I go 1 out of 10 bras to fit, which doesn't leave me much scope for a VERY tight budget! I wish somewhere, someone one day will realise there is demand for tiny back bands and larger cups and it isn't fair to those with "the gifted" shape to have to pay often triple the amount for the same comfort that those who shop in say primark for bras get.

I went into bravissimo today, desperate for some relief for my poor back, to find only 2 were the better fit even though I can feel them ride up my back, I'd have to be a gymnast in order to get it off to, oh and don't get me started on the red sore marks on my shoulders! I'm feeling very frustrated.

I'm extremely petite, 5ft 2in, 93lbs. The closest bra I can find to my size is a 28DDD, but even that is very difficult to find! I'm not sure what to do. My niece is 15 and just got measured at a 26 DDD. Where is she supposed to get bras? So you would think I don't have lot of problems but And in this country it's very difficult to find this size. I wear the 32DD on the tighest hook and it's not perfect.

Even in 32DD it's very difficult to find something I have just one swimwear, in 32DD and it's not a perfect fit, but at least, my boobs don't pop out Next time I go to the UK, i'll try different brands to know which size to order in which brand. And i forgot to say I'm 5ft 4in, lb and as i said: I wear about a 26" band, ideally. And I have about a " waist; I DO have a very triangular ribcage, which is a fitting challenge of its own.

My back is so steeply angled that I really need a different size band at the bottom than at the top. Ewa Michalak does custom, and my custom nursing bras from them fit beautifully. Unfortunately, I'm looking for something less structured now, and it seems I will need to have that custom-made, too.

That still wouldn't fix the problem, obviously, for those of us with a larger breast-to-band ratio, but still Someone help cuz I a I know this is kind of an adults thing but I'm an adolescent b I'm really confused about calculating my bra size: Anyway, I know I need a bra bcuz my boobs hurt and jiggle when I run etc. I always love to hear your thoughts!

Please remember to be respectful. I may not publish comments that are rude, hateful, personal attacks, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate. Dissenting opinions are fine, as long as they are respectful. Monday, February 7, Bras for the sub ribcage- do you need a 26, 24, 22 band size?

I have a confession to make. I have studied bra fitting for years, even started a blog on it, fitted multiple people. But I'm not wearing the right size myself. Why am I wearing the wrong size? The bra I am wearing right now is a 28H. But I measure 24" around my ribcage. If you've read my post on how to measure yourself , you know that your band size should be roughly equivalent to your ribcage measurement. That means I actually need a 24 band size. But 28 is the smallest band size any company manufactures.

It's more than just measurements, however. It's also about how it fits. I've written about how to tell if your bra is ill-fitting , and mine shows many if the signs: I also don't feel like it really looks right. Maybe it's just because of my longish torso or something, but I don't really feel like my breasts look as well supported as they could be. Just to prove it to you guys, this is a picture to show how much a 28 back bra rides up on me.

I have chronic back and shoulder pain, and I know it would be better without the pressure on my shoulders. Nursing bras including crop tops, ANY condition will do.

If it will catch a leak it is better than nothing, which is the alternative. Reuseable nursing pads are also appreciated. E cup plus, ANY size Likely to be the only properly fitting bras that a woman gets in her life.

Mastectomy Bras and Breast Forms prostheses Like gold. These will be given to hospitals for distribution. Swimwear is great for keeping warm if you are standing in the water fishing with a hand line for a couple of hours. It is also handy for coastal women who dive for cash crops.

In some places a girl without underpants does not go to school during her period. Fabric Nappies, second hand or new. In some areas, fabric nappies are expensive to buy so mums often buy one disposable at a time.

That money is better spent on food for Mum. Nappies at drop off points in Victoria and NSW only please. Please no bodysuits, torsolettes, shapewear, U-bras or bedroom lingerie though we do love the giggle - we don't send them. For small personal donations, drop off to our listed locations, or post to the listed addresses.

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maternity nursing & feeding bras. Breastfeeding can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, especially if it’s your first baby. Both you and your little one should feel relaxed when you’re feeding – that’s where a well-fitted nursing bra comes in. Buy HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras Bralette S-XXL with Extra Bra Extenders & Clips: Shop top fashion brands Nursing & Maternity Bras at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases. The Lamaze Cotton Spandex Comfort Nursing Bra can be used both while you are pregnant as well as a nursing bra. This bra is very soft and comfortable and will offer you support while you nurse.

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