Canada Goose: Is a $900 winter jacket really worth it?

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I made my own.

The best way to dress for winter is to wear layers; the basic three-tier protection is recommended. In general, the three main layers are wicking (thermal wear).
Nov 30,  · This is a curious state of affairs. Sales is an offense game. Canada Goose is playing defense. Perhaps a discussion of the barriers is in order.
We were born ski bums. Our lives revolve around the mountains. Our passion for winter sports has lead us around the world in search of not only powder but also vintage and antique skis, snowshoes, vintage snowboards, antique sleighs and sleds as well as vintage climbing and mountaineering gear.
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Just to point out to the people throwing out the over priced card. Just think about that. I presently own and wear a 12 year old Linda Lundstrom Laparka, which was the coat of choice for teachers doing outside supervision in central Manitoba. I wore a lighter jacket today since it was only C but I have to admit that I have been looking at the down since the original Laparka is no longer made.

If a product is really good for our conditions and made in Canada — and will last — then it just might be worth the cost. The parka is waaaaaay to warm for anything above C…. Cheap coats are like cheap shoes—they fall apart quickly.

I seriously considered if for the reasons listed. Especially the Canadian aspect, but no prof the coats are made in a union environment. I also despise labels and looking like everyone else. This is my third winter wearing it. This winter I have been walking and taking transit, and the quality of my plain black Joe coat is fine. With apologies and thanks to the folks who made a pittance making it for me.

Wrong to spend so much money when we can keep Chinese in work and our own people on the streets. Get to it, support the Chinese economy. Yes, in a heartbeat. Growing up in Saskatchewan taught me the value of warmth and safety at an early age.

For the first 40 years of my life, I froze and shivered through winter. Then I discovered those really warm coats and I have never been cold again. One of my warm coats is 20 years old and still looks brand new.

My daughter style changes slightly each year first year of university 7 years ago. It is still going strong, looks great. Good purchase while waiting for buses during university and now for her commute. There are still some clothing manufacturers in Winnipeg. Silver jeans come to mind and their is another family who make the outer wear for the armed forces and did a generous donation of outerwear and sleeping bags to one of the shelters for the homeless Siloam Mission.

I would if I could, especially if manufacturing stays in Canada. The seams started splitting within the first year, and now it just looks like junk. Kerry, your wool coat looks just fine and very warm. Think trying to walk a dog when it is AND windy. No killing of coyotes required for my warmth! Living in Saskatchewan which is probably only rivaled by Manitoba and Nunavut on how cold it gets I had announced in the fall that I was going to buy one of these jackets.

Then when waiting over an hour outside in weather to get into Greycup events I noticed two girls in front of me wearing Canada Goose Parkas. When I lived in New Brunswick I didnt have a need for an expensive goose down jacket, my snowboard jacket with a sweater on those really cold days were all I needed.

Now that I live in Regina Saskatchewan where the temperatures can dip well below C with the windchill, I really appreciate the Canada Goose jacket that I bought two years ago. I agree it is not essential, there are many other people staying warm in Regina without the Canada Goose logo on their sleeve, but on those really cold days I really appreciate the warmth of the coat and while standing on the corner waiting for the crosswalk sign to change when the windchill is C, I am glad I paid even a high price for the comfort.

I think it comes down to what part of the country you live in. This coat is probably overkill on Toronto, but in the prairies it is very valuable.

So the price should be relative to how much comfort it will bring you. A good winter coat and winter boots are definitely something I do not skimp on. I have a good down parka and boots that have lasted me for at least 4 winters now maybe more.

If it is cold, I put the hood over my toque and I am toasty warm. I am more than willing to pay more for Canadian made products, but that kind of money is just not in the budget. And I am not a fan of the use of coyote fur. Quality and performance is worth every penny. My wife just bought me a Canada Goose coat and I must say that I absolutely love it. I walk over 40 minutes every workday outdoors and no other coat has ever kept me warmer. The hood and collar do an awesome job protecting the face and neck from windchill and sleeves are excellently designed to seal off the cold.

I would not buy anything that had to have a coyote killed to line the hood! For all who say the price is not worth it: Not if you live down south where it is warm all year. I bought my Canada Goose coat in the s and have been extremely pleased with it. Here in Labrador we often have the temperatures drop for a week or more where the daytime high might reach, before adding wind chill, to a balmy At times I am outside for two to four house and I assure you that in those temperatures a warm Canada Goose parka is worth every cent.

As well, I have had mine for about 20 years and it is still in rather good shape. Perhaps not as attractive as the day I bought it but at sane people are more interested in functionality than looks. Sounds too much to me, especially when a little layering will do just fine. Maybe it really depends on your climate. I had a Canada Goose parka for the last 8 years, but it was starting to look old and I accidentally ripped it.

We went looking for jackets all over. Stumbled upon the Sears Alpintek… and holy crap is it awesome. After 10 years of use, there are some minor scuffing but it is still going strong and just as toasty warm.

It is well designed plus it costs only half as much. I lived in Siberia for 23 years so I can judge. They also should be up-to-date I think so I change them every years to have a modern look. I would never buy so expensive jacket that I can use for couple years only and look like the same Xmas tree every winter… I will better buy more different coats for lesser price… So I say NO to this jacket! There is a thriving market of knock offs. Hellloooo north face is just the same.

I understand the need for warm clothing in Canada. But I must believe this coat is over priced. And the coyote trim. What ever your feelings about coyotes keep in mind that many a coyote fur is actually dog. Further gives one pause…or is that paws.

Surely people kept warm in Canada before this coat came along and they will continue to keep warm,one presumes. What a stupid wording. Oh, but I do like the Made in Canada aspect. I wonder if they will continue to be. I try to buy North American made items whenever possible. Way beyond my budget, and how would I layer down during hot flashes? There are a few objections to the use of coyote fur in this coat.

In parts of Canada, coyotes are consider vermin and are regularly hunted as such. If anything, these coats are sourcing material from a local culled animal that might otherwise go to waste. Would one rather have artificial petroleum-based faux fur wrapped around their face?

Or a leather jacket made in a sweatshop in Vietnam? If the goose down is sourced from local huderite colonies, then it makes sense that the fur trim is locally sourced from rural Canada as well. There are also many comparisons being made between CG and other brands… Of course brands a like north face are going to be cheaper- they are made in poor foreign countries where their overhead costs are lower so they can still price in their inflated markups on their products and still have their coats come out to only a couple hundred bucks retail.

If a price comparison should be made, it should be between CG and coats made in other developing countries where fair worker wages are paid, so coats made in the EU, US or other Canadian brands, like the kanuk comparison made above.

I either take the subway or used the PATH underground system in TO to get to around and a down coat would have caused some serious overheating. But now with a child, I will likely spend more time outdoors so I may invest in one in the future, but I will wait and see how my current 8 year old parka holds up and the fate of CG will it still be sourced and manufactured in Canada? It was not down filled, and the lining around the face was fake fur, but it worked just fine, even when the mercury in the thermometer disappeared entirely into the bulb.

I ended up donating it while in Canada as I had too much packed in my suitcase and it was too warm to wear it. I have yet to discover another great find like it. For Ottawa winters I just wrap myself in recycled Fiberglass Pink. I still have a work coat and my Columbia coat which is 8 years old.

Price is relative to your disposable income. No I know you are not the photoshopped SI girl! You are the cute girl in the sleek back coat!! This article inspired me to start a savings account just to buy the Canada goose jacket!

I believe in paying more for better quality. I guess that you have not heard of the wonderful all-Canadian company Kanuck, which has its headquarters in Montreal.

Their coats and accessories sell for lots of money, too, but they have fantastic sales in November and December each year in which they knock off at least a third of the price and you can get a top-drawer coat for minus thirty Celsius that is cold!!!

Great value for the money. They are at http: I finally decided to buy CG Kensington this year. Yet, I do not regret buying it. It will last me for years, it is well made and made in Canada and more ethical than Chinese made down coats with fur. Also, I do feel guilty about wearing coyote fur. You get what you pay for. But from my past experience 3 years for my jackets is about all I get. I had a CG since before they were trendy and cool. I am assuming they were authentic….

I grew up in Brazil and moved to Toronto 10 years ago. During degrees days, I was shivelling like my internal organs are going to freeze. Do you want to support 1st world jobs and manufacturing? Or do you want to support the rising 3rd world? She should try northern prairie in January before she declares herself a veteran of cold weather exposure..

Of course they are expensive. Wide choice of styles and colours. Different models for different temperatures. All made in Montreal, except for the optional Finnish raccoon furs. I have been wearing mine for 8 years. Of course the outfit was completed by the mandatory Hunter Boot! I have just purchased a down coat also made in Canada by the Lole company of Quebec and I am staying warm in these subzero temperatures! And it cost half the price of a Canada goose coat!

I will be flying to 6 stops. Its going to be awesome. So I will need my Researchers jacket for my adventure. It cost me before tax. Its ugly like hell: After dealing with constant bits of down sticking to my clothes from my cheap DKNY winter coat bought at the Bay, I caved.

They are made in Montreal and they do go on sale on occasion I took a chance and ordered a non-refundable one on sale after trying on a different model in an Ottawa store. People pay too-high prices in Canada for many things — clothes and homes especially come to mind.

I learned this after I lived abroad for several years in London, UK, which is a very expensive city generally. I prefer getting good value for my purchases. I like Junge down coats, which are half the price and very well made. Hands down a bargain in the grand scheme of things! I bought my Canada Goose parka in and have worked across the North since then. Maybe expensive and not particularly sleek, intuitively it seems that a coat made in a cold place for a cold place only makes sense.

If I ever need to replace my parka, a Canada Goose it will be. It is a high quality, well made, and warm coat. I like how slim it is. I spend alot of time outside so i am willing to pay for a proper coat. There are certainly other coats out there that are just as warm and slim for less. I am certainly against the use of real coyote fur on the trim. So I would never buy one, myself.

But then the economy changed and those coats mostly disappeared, replaced by cheap coats suited for no place colder than chicago or new york or toronto.

There would be very few jobs here that truly added value and we would be entirely dependent on others for our survival. We continue to move rapidly towards that reality today. These coats are an example of top quality, fashionable and practical garments made in Canada that cost what they should cost. Nothing else, nothing more, nothing less. Give me a break!!! I have regretted buying cheap stuff. I have never regretted buying top quality goods made in North America.

First off, I bought my goose three years ago and have never looked back. Best coat for the winter. I have been walking in minus 18 c and sweating! This coat is only for walking outside or being outside for long or med periods of time.

I debated for a long time getting this coat, and have not regretted it. Get it at real winter camping realtors, the price will be to 50 dollars less. As well, get the coat with a long or full length size. Why get the bomber style? Another trick, was that there was a rumour that Costco was selling them for If they are buying it on credit and not paying the credit card on time that is a bad decision.

It is still in perfect condition. When I wore it in I was able to wear a t-shirt underneath. This is not the slim light Canada goose that some people are talking about this is the 12 pound behemoth of a coat that has a built in scarf enough reflective tape to light up an airfield and allows you to work when everyone else is hiding inside because it is too cold.

I take it on every winter road-trip because if I end up in the ditch for a night I will be alive the next day. A few years ago my wife kept getting sick in the winter.

I would love to buy their stock but as most really good companies are they are privately owned. I just want to note that there is likely a reason for the coyote fur.

It is the choice on every warm and functional parka…. It is very warm, well made, and should last a few years. I bought a CG Resolute parka about 6 years ago for working outside on winter nights.

Best money I ever spent. The jacket still looks like new. I agree that most people wear them as a status symbol esp in my home town of Toronto.

I think that statement rings true for the city oriented coats. It was my main winter coat for nearly 20 years and I still wear it. It keeps me warm and most of the time it is too warm. Spending a bit on a good quality coat is worth it… but for Canada Goose, you pay for both quality and status symbol. I decided to invest in a good winter coat last year for the frigid Ottawa winters. My husband suggested Canada Goose.

Check it out http: Definitely not worth it. You can get a coat of similar, exceptionally high quality from a number of brands such as Marmot for less than half the price, especially if you buy at the end of the season they do go on sale. I used to want a CG coat, but at the same moment that I discovered its insanely high price and the fact that the hood was lined with coyote fur Why?

Every poser in the world dawned their new status symbol, and I knew that CG was something to be avoided. Turns out that the vast majority of the CG jackets that you see on the street are counterfeit, but even if not, who really makes so much money that they can afford such an expensive jacket, especially when they live in southern Canada? I used to work at Transport Canada and saw all the Coast Guard guys wearing them standard issue if you are in cold climates.

I asked about them, and was told they were very good quality and very warm. Four years ago I bought my Canada Goose coat. It was worth it. It is in perfect shape, it is seriously warm I sweat indoors, and feel no cold where I am covered by the coat. I can go for longer walks and handle the cold better than my non-CG wearing kin. Would I buy it again — yes. That is the one issue I have with the coat! Worth every cent… Period.

Winter is finally enjoyable with my Goose. I can see this jacket lasting many more years. I think it is a good ROI. Absolutely good value for money. Frostbite and chilblains are no fun. I live in Ottawa and used to live in Winnipeg.

I walk 45 minutes to work, and 45 minutes back. My husband owns a Kanuk http: I expect my parka to last at least 10 years — maybe People who spend all their time in cars can afford to wear wool coats, skimpy Chinese-made ski jackets and other flimsy outerwear.

People who spend their time outdoors need something warmer. Many of them are counterfeit! I also live in the Arctic, where weather conditions are often brutal. It is like new today and is still my go-to coat on extreme cold days. It still works fine and I just bought a new battery for it for 25 bucks.

I now often wonder why people spend so much money on these phones? Do they just have more money than what they know what to do with or are they trying to look cool.

If I lived up north or in the praries again, I would absolutely buy one for basic practical comfort and survival, for which they would be a godsend.

You can lose flesh on your cheeks and the snow is blinding, but ice crusts build with a scarf- the fur would have an actual use in that kind of weather unique to the west. I never saw such brazen displays of wealth and branding when I lived in the west, it truly seems to be a fallacy of the personally indulgent QC and ONT. You can get the same warmth, quality and utility from an Eddie Bauer parka. I have had an Eddie Bauer parka for — wait — 31 years — and it is still the best coat I have ever had.

Great parka, great value. The product us probably good, but being a commuter in downtown Montreal, I think kit is overkill. The best material in my opinion is felted wool. I have a snow goose parka that has taken me through at least 15 Yellowknife winters. It is great for travelling to smaller communities as it stashes anywhere and is warm.

It is also reasonably light and gives some protection to your face. It accessories well with down mitts, snow pants and wool, fur or fleece hats and scarves. In a pinch, you can stuff your wallet, cell phone, etc. Does it really cost dollars to make a coat in Canada? Our economy is doomed if it does. Either that or there is an incredible markup on them. Maybe the hard-working Canadians who make these are being paid 40 dollars an hour?

Is that a reason to buy these coats? I had always worn layers growing up in Saskatchewan prairie winters and never considered a parka before I moved to Nunavut. I changed my mind in a hurry once there as the temperature changes that making layer a good idea rarely happen. The pockets are huge and plentiful and I can stuff extra mitts and balaclava in the pockets for really cold days.

Living in Alberta now I do not wear it as often, but when the car gets plugged in the parka comes out. I grew up in Edmonton, where a good warm coat is a necessity. We had a closetful of parkas, including full-length down ones with coyote fur-lined hoods. Not for fashion — for warmth. A CG bomber jacket is a fashion item. This defeats the whole purpose of using down.

Loft is what will keep you warm. I bought a north face a few years back and it was quite warm and pretty good quality. I mainly used it for skiing. I thought it was pretty expensive already, not to mention bucks for a Canada Goose. Who will wear a coat for 10 years these days? Obvsiouly those people have no proof that the Goose will last for 10 years to begin with. I live in the arctic where this is required outerwear.

In fact a tourist asked me if Canada Goose was a local employer upon seeing everyone in the arctic town wearing the brand. Winter temps and wind chills can plummet to C and the coat is worth every cent. Maybe they are genuinely cold in the -5C weather. Is a Louis Vuitton wallet worth it? Is any other designer label item worth it? CG Coats give you better value.

A couple of years ago when their popularity exploded they switched most of their coats to duck down, not goose down. You are definitely paying for the label. Most of their competitors still use goose e.

Out of curiosity was your coat made in the USA or overseas. I have owned a Canada Goose parka for almost 7 years and I love it. Quality is fantastic and I can see it lasting over 10 years easily.

Like anything else, Canada Goose is not for everybody. I live in a colder city in Canada and we routinely see C and colder. Sometimes those cold temps are combined with strong winds, so windchill is a problem. For longer-term activity outdoors in those conditions — whether you are doing outdoor winter photography, doing fieldwork as an environmental scientist or just taking the dog for a walk — there is nothing that keeps you warmer, gives you strong durability and offers the high utility pocket layouts alone are perfect for extreme conditions!

Perfect for climates experienced in places like Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Edmonton, etc. I downhill ski in the winter and anyone who does that any length of time eventually acquires a good ski jacket nothing like being stuck on a lift at C with a good wind blowing down the hill!

I had just returned to Ontario from a 6 month sojourn in Europe where I learned about Canada Goose ironic, no? The Scandinavians had loved Goose gear since the 90s. My jacket is still in FULL commission. It is still super warm, and it is still super light.

The coat is versatile; if I need milk, I can walk to the store in a T-shirt and my Goose and be super warm and cozy. No hat or gloves needed in Edmonton temps. There are other jackets that will keep you warm for less money, but the genuine features that CG brings to the table are worth it in my opinion to keep a great product and jobs in Canada. That said, these coats are investments and hold their value well.

Just my two cents. Some are only good to minus 20 or so. Also, be careful if you do decide to get one, as the warmth varies depending on the style. No, I would not buy one of these jackets. This jacket sounds like a wonderful creature comfort for those spend less than 45 min at a time in cold weather, especially those who have to stay still for extended periods of time supervising children on playgrounds, waiting for buses in cold, windy areas but from a practical standpoint for those who are exposed for longer periods and being active I think this jacket fails.

The cuffs on the sleeves remain wet when snow melts on them nothing like soggy wet cuffs for 5 hours a day while directly exposed to the elements. This is a luxury jacket with a limited range of usefulness and so I have to only consider it in that context.

Unfortunately, dressing more appropriately and in layers during inclement weather seems to make more sense. Canada gets cold, yes, but weather fluctuates and so a multi-functional wardrobe that reflects the weather will provide more pieces to work with.

This will also provide anyone wishing to feel good about buying Canadian-made goods multiple opportunities to search out even more multi-seasonal use quality, locally sourced goods instead of one, single-function item-go on spenders, spend away! Warm jackets will only get you so far if your legs and feet are still under-insulated. I have mostly observed wearers of this jacket sporting jeans and street shoes. We are role models for the youth we work with and for our peers.

The last thing I want the young women I work with to feel is: This is coming from someone who has had to learn how to dress, in winter weather, from cold-induced injuries from her youth. No if you will buy a new coat every year to celebrate winter, and you love its woven label more than the coat in real. Yes, if you can pay with cash, without leaving a balance on your credit card. Yes, if travel light is your thing.

With this coat, you can basically wear a T-shirt underneath. Yes, if you work outdoor or Artic or have to rely on public transit in winter months in sub-urbs, where 45 mins bus interval is norm, crazy, eh?

Yes, if you love your duvet and refuse to get out of bed when winter comes…. I know exactly how that feels. Worth it or not? You think you pay an arm and a leg for a GC coat, think twice. By proration, you are paying as much for a cheap import T-shirt at any discounter. I put it on this morning to clear the driveway.

It has never let me down in cold weather whether in Edmonton or Ottawa. I own a CG Heli Artic parka, nine years old now, and it looks 2 years old at most. But as it stands right now this is one of the best made pieces of clothing I have ever owned.

Or the waist belt to seal off the interior of the jacket from updrafts, or the kidney pockets for warming packets for the really cold weather. Details like this go on and on with this jacket. I live in Northern Manitoba, spend close to an hour walking daily so I get a ton of use out of my CG jacket, I got a full length with hood and really appreciate the large handwarming pockets and oversized hood so even in the worst wind it keeps me warm.

Of course I have to pair it with appropriate boots, wind pants, and mitts but even is fine. I have about 7 years use of this jacket and anticipate lots more. Its an anomaly for sure. Who would have guessed that an expensive Canadian made product could be so popular.

I live in Yellowknife. As I write this, it is real temperature, not windchill. They are niche products. The Westmount is the only product of its kind, as is the Snow Mantra. So, is a CG worth it? Yes, IF there is no other brand in which you can find a comparable product.

Paying for a quality winter coat is a good purchase. However you can buy a Northface or Colombia coat for half the price, or buy 2 of them for the same price as the canada goose jacket. Kerry, like you I try to live frugally, but there are things to spend on, and things to splurge on. This is one of the latter. If you know that the quality is solid, that it will last you a lifetime, that the brand is reliable, and that you will need it for more than one month every year—absolutely.

I bought a Canada Goose Resolute parka a few years ago. Stylish it is not. One web site describes it as the industrial parka of the North. Earlier this week, with the temperature at minus thirty degrees Celsius, I was outside for about ninety minutes and was comfortable for all of that time.

I think most people buy them to be trendy, show off their status. Remove that crest, and no one would know how cool you are.

But you can get a very high quality down jacket or coat that will last for years at MEC for far less than this. And everything at MEC is ethically sourced. At least half the price for Canada Goose is for the status! In winter, much of that time is fully exposed to wind in sections where there are open fields or the Ottawa River stretching off into the distance.

The weather-lady on TV said that it was minus something with windchill the other day. In the past thirty years of living here, I can count the number of times on one hand where such a parka might be suitable. Generally, a fleece pullover under a wind-resistant shell with toque, good mitts and insulated boots of course is all that is required to stay plenty warm.

I have one and I love it. I have a long walk from where I park to my office and it keeps me toasty. I think of it as an investment as I do live frugally. So the people making it are being paid at least minimum wage, not locked into a garment factory in some poor country. I expect it to last a long time. I only recently let go of a wool coat that was expensive but I had it for 25 years. So I expect to see this one last me just as long. In some cases, and I believe this is one, you get what you pay for.

I also love that it is er, was… a Canadian product. And I bought mine before the surge of popularity in the last few years. Bought two down coats, one long Pepe Jeans and the other short. They are now 8 years old and still in pristine shape. I would NEVER spend that kind of money on a coat that everybody is wearing and frankly looks like a coat the postal workers wear.

I bought my coat at MEC and it is rated for C. Was interested until I read Bain….. I bought a Canada Goose jacket after my first winter in Edmonton. I have to say it has been worth every penny. It depends what you are looking for. At the time, it was hard to find another like it in any other brand. I sat on the thought of buying CG for ages due to the high cost and then took vacation payout to do so. It has changed the way I think of winter! I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

The coat will last forever. Canada Goose has become a snobbish brand sought-after and worn by people who feel better wearing brands that others recognize. Canada Goose is now the Louis Vuitton purse of jackets. You can buy nicer looking, identically-performing parkas for cheaper. Best money I have ever spent. Wasted money on a sequence of North face, Columbia, arcteryx and other jackets. Never kept me warm. Now I Can go out in no prob. Clothing is one of the few items that has dropped in price in the last 10 — 20 years and most of it is cheap garbage now.

I bought with a Nobis I liked the style better but the price was about the same. Just yesterday walked home 2. I wore 3 layers of pants long johns, jeans, and snow pants to block the wind.

My legs were still cold. What did I need under my jacket? Toasty warm up top. Trappers kill them for pelts they can sell. FACTS for you about trapping: Say goodbye to Spot and Mittens! A full-length, hooded goose down parka would be a ridiculous choice of garment for such activities IMO.

However, after spending a day in Vancouver shopping for a coat, I think it might be a modern day version of the status-building fur coat of old. Got one for my 28 yr old daughter for Christmas last year and every cold day she walks about 30 mins each way per day she messages me and thanks me over and over for the best coat ever.

Spent 8 hours on the tundra near Resolute Bay. Two of my colleagues had their Canada Goose gear — never felt a thing. I became a believer that day. I bought a Canadian made PowderRoom winter coat that is crazy warm and super stylish. I feel way more fashionable than those who follow the crown and I have NO blood on my hands. Canada Goose is a sham. The geese are plucked alive for their down!! When there are compassionate options why pay an enormous amount to be part of a this nastiness?

People talk about the financial costs, but too few of them consider the fact that the animals these jackets are made of suffered terribly and paid with their lives! Well worth the price up here for that. A coyote is a predator — they just love catching and eating those cutesy little cats and dogs.

They kill and eat animals every day. Canada Goose manufactures entirely in Canada, where we have adequate labor laws, and sources the down and fur in Canada as well, where we have animal welfare laws.

Habitats are destroyed, damaged and polluted by industry, plain and simple. Thankfully the coyotes were not farmed and subjected to cruelty for the entirety of their lives, unlike other fur animals. Turns out the thing is damn warm, too.

This past January it was below when I was outside for two hours without a proper parka. I will not be caught unprotected this year. Ranting aside, a suggestion for people looking to save money on a truly warm winter parka: Lots of people are trying to unload good parkas, CG included, that are gently used and can be purchased for less than the retail value. Also means that you support a neighbour instead of a garment manufacturer!

I bought one the day she came home. Toronto DOES get cold. A damp, wet cold that you sometimes cannot shake even after having been home and indoors for 30 minutes. If you really want to know if a Canada Goose is worth it — only ask those who own one. I am always cold and received the Canada Goose parka I now wear 5 years ago for Christmas. I speed walk in much weather in Northwestern Ontario, and I have loved this parka from the first time I wore it. I will pay more for products that are manufactured that way in the hopes of keeping jobs in Canada.

I was disappointed with the Bain takeover and will now think about whether this product will be replaced when it wears out. I have three…yes One is 7 years old.. Each used at 20, 30, and 40 frikkin below Celsius in saskatchewan. I am never cold. Keeps the coyote population manageable with all that fur going east. A chilliwack, resolute and arctic something. Its excellent workmanship has stood the test of time. No rips, no tears and the seams have held fast. If you can afford this jacket, get it.

Air Inuit, is based out of Montreal. They are the airline to northern Quebec. They service the Inuit communities and Hydro Quebec facilities and all the ground staff, and pilots are given CG jackets with the AI logo embroidered on them.

If they trust the jacket then it must be good. Underpaid and exploited with the promise of permanent residency keeping them working.

Google it sometime you might be surprised. Anyone who has lived in the north knows that there is no jacket that compares to the CG Expedition or Resolute. We have been living in the Arctic for the last 4 years and I walk to work in my parka with a t-shirt on underneath. I can even make it without mitts or a hat if my hood is up and my hands are in the the chest pockets. We visited Toronto recently and I felt silly in my big parka until I realised that everyone there is wearing them too… Not sure if its really necessary for a southern climate but for sure everyone up here wears them and they are a life-saver!

If one values Canada made, if one values longevity, if one needs warmth, it is probably worth it. Love walking along the river at c with it.

Walked to work, took the bus drove the car.. The coat has protected me, made winter enjoyable, and is in line with what I value. Toronto Gal above has it right. You really cannot ask anyone who has never owned or better yet, worn a Canada Goose jacket. Also — animal cruelty? Nothing beats natural fur. I used to work for a company who sold spandex pants as premium yoga pants for dollars.

You think they paid their workers more than minimum wage in Bangladesh? The cost goes towards nothing but your own status symbol. I sometimes pay more for items that are made in Canada because I see it as supporting the society that I rely on. It generally means that I go without sometimes in order to afford the things I want.

I also appreciate that regulatory eg toxins found in dyes etc. I used to live in Inuvik, NT where I first learned about Canada Goose parkas, nothing else could come close to there warmth. So yes, I think they are worth the money in extreme weather conditions since nothing else can compare. But I live further south now, and I think there value goes south the further south you get.

So Your contribution to this debate was what exactly? Canadian Made…I frankly must disagree. If Canadian citizens are unwilling to do the work for the wages offered, and foreign unskilled labour must be brought in to work at uncompetitive wages, there is a problem. They are forced to work for employers at low wages with the promise of permanent residence for them and their immediate family, that is called indentured employment.

Indentured employment is the equivalent of legalized modern slavery. You can look at the live in caregiver programs in Canada, Tim Hortons hiring practices, the Royal Bank, or the coal mining industry. We are on a slippery decline to becoming America with huge income inequalities with unskilled foreign nationals being exploited.

In terms of the cost of living in Canada versus the cost of living in Bangladesh, you do the math. Foreign workers want a better life for their children, while they are subjugated in the Canadian textile industry. I have children and I would do anything to ensure they will enjoy a good life.

I really hope you could afford more not made in china, the thing is: That to me is true and fair globalization. I was saving up to buy one until I read in this article that the brand was sold to a US company. Excellent products, support, and knowledge on outdoor gear. I actually have a MEC parka that was made in Canada. Its too bad that they no longer carry down coats made in Canada.

So many companies are publically traded anyway, its hard to know who they belong to. I often wonder if MEC is really just a distributer. Looked around at what people waiting in the cold were wearing. Not sure I saw a single Canada Goose jacket. There are a few but most people here tend to layer, wear cheaper parkas or have an incredible tolerance to cold that lets them wander around in light jackets and bareheaded in the winter. This morning wind chill was minus 47 here.

In this case, you get what you pay for. Year three, no regrets at all. Hockey arenas, walks, with dog, just out and about. I like being warm and this does the trick.

Seems to be a pretty steep price to be fashionable and warm. Of course, there will be a certain segment who shop purely on utilitarian function where style and price are secondary and will hang on to their CG regardless.

Hi Kerry, I am glad to find your blog on this topic, as I am about to pull a trigger on a CG parka tomorrow. I am sticker shocked when I first saw the price of a CG, even got upset by learning that they were never on sale, which prompted me looking high and low for alternatives.

I felt being swallowed by the jacket and none fits too well, everything looks unbalanced or lopsided. The CG parka snugs incredible on me, there are no gaps under arms and back , the soft lining is addictive, and the best part is the body shell of the CG being firm and smooth but not stiff. I love the coyote fur brushes my face. Indeed CGs are very overpriced, the quality is incredible and it fits like no other.

I am lucky to be able to afford one, by not spending on anything else as a sacrifice this Christmas. CG claims never giving a discount; I am going to tear this parka apart for what its worth by being extremely critical. If otherwise, I am going to voice my disappointment so loud that it will make the evening news. I am still sticker shocked on its price, but am willing to give this snooty company a go by being their worse nightmare customer.

CG coats are strictly utilitarian — no style or fashion. I think they;re hideous and everyone has them. Bought a Sears Knock off. It was well made and has had only one stitching repair in that time. It sounds to me that this Canada Goose parka is a very good deal. It is not for the short sighted. As with vehicle purchases, there is always a segment of the population who thinks that paying the premium for a Mercedes or BMW assures one a superior product but the reality is that that assumption is not based on fact.

Or there are those who like to believe that owning the brand gives them some sort of prestige in the eyes of others. If you look hard enough there are plenty to choose from whether it is Canadian made, US made, etc..

They are just as warm and of course with varying quality and prices. During Christmas holidays, everywhere I look is the same black CG fur jacket. There are a few others but I believe these are the main contenders more like alternatives to CG. These top dogs are great alternatives and have been proven to be of serious quality without the marketing pricing of CG. I live in winnipeg, so we have temperatures drop below a lot of time. No more cold in our cold winters.

Canada goose really keeps me warm!! If anyone is not sure to buy it or not I would say go for it. I had my brand new Canada Goose Parka since the 26th December, 5 days ago.

The CG is NOT warm, considering its price quite poorly made and worse of all their customer service is deplorable. The coyote fur hood zipper is misaligned with the jacket, making a gap which the cold wind leaks; also the hood kept falling or too pulled backwards; annoying and uncomfortable.

Twice emailed to CG customer service was ignored; with a pretentious to be prestigious company like CG, it is unacceptable that their slow in response is may be because of the holidays.

Information provided serves as a reference and guideline only for reader and are subject to change without notice. If you are travelling in countries during their winter, have a proper knowledge on winter wear selection in order to dress warmly enough to stay comfortable while outdoors. Knowing the weather forecast of a winter country before leaving is important, since the winter apparels needed for different destinations like Tokyo, Beijing, Hokkaido or Harbin vary.

Therefore, it is recommended to always carry a wind-resistant down jacket as it can be used individually as a wind-resistant jacket, and suitable for different seasons. Down jackets are trendy and pretty light-weight nowadays; a good quality down jacket that can be flattened to fit into a luggage sure beats carrying bulky and heavy coats all around.

To keep warm, it is recommended to put on three layers of clothing as basic protection. Firstly, put on sweat-absorbing, highly breathable innerwear, and follow with a sweater to retain body heat. Lastly, a wind-resistant outwear is necessary to keep warm in snowing climates.

This gives one the flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and activity involved. On top of protecting your body, it is important to keep your head, neck, hands and feet warm. Thus besides sweaters and jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, stockings, and ear masks are necessary. It is better to have a coat with a high collar when travelling in winter countries. An alternative choice would be a woolen scarf, which can protect the neck and throat and block chilly winds.

Take note to purchase well-insulated gloves made of quality materials that fit well and cover the wrists. Gloves that are too small in size will restrict the movement of fingers, making one feel uncomfortable. The best choice of materials are cotton and nylon. A pair of well-insulated boots is a must to prevent contact with cold ground.

Wear wool socks if possible to have better protection and make sure you are comfortable enough in them to walk long distances. The best way to dress for winter is to wear layers; the basic three-tier protection is recommended. In general, the three main layers are wicking thermal wear , insulating sweater and weather protection jacket.

Winter apparels can be categorized into different types, mainly differing in their design and material — woolen sweater, down feather jacket, leather overcoat, cotton jacket etc. Pick a suitable material and fit for different seasons and weather to give yourself maximum range of motion. To protect oneself from extreme cold weather, wool is the perfect material to keep warm compared to acrylic and cotton.

Polyester possesses the hydrophobic function. The fiber is more breathable and has the ability to dry quickly. Therefore, polyester wear is suitable for outdoor activities in fall or cool conditions. Cotton is a natural fiber that has a high degree of strength, durability and absorbency. It absorbs water from our body and emits heat like a cooling machine. Therefore, cotton is more suitable for autumn. Down feather from goose or duck are valuable materials for winter wear.

Down feather will become thick and dense in winter to protect the body from severe cold but few and thin in summer to regulate body heat. It absorbs water and emits it in fast speed. Moreover, it is the lightest and warmest material, which makes it perfect for the humid fall. To avoid fluff, do not over brush or rub your clothing.

Doll Clothes for American Girl Dolls: 2 Piece Winter Coat and Hat Outfit (rest of outfit not included): From the makers of the best selling Ride Along Dolly Bike Seat comes a line of doll clothes that will make your favorite American Girl or comparably sized dolls' heart melt. Nov 30,  · This is a curious state of affairs. Sales is an offense game. Canada Goose is playing defense. Perhaps a discussion of the barriers is in order. The worst type of cold is the feeling of the wet windchill biting your bones while waiting for a bus. So while waiting for budget transit in Toronto, I asked Canada Goose parka wearers why they bought a $ coat.

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